i'll kiss you through a hazmat suit

sarah (she/they)

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i'm a mess


before they kiss for the first time sherlock gets really nervous and starts babbling something about the chemicals in his brain that make him love john and he keeps on waffling and then the scene mirrors the stag night and john interrupts sherlock and is like ‘stop talking now’ and pulls him in

drarry asked:
Okay but demon Ciel and Sebastian just casually lobbing knives at each other to try and catch each other off-guard. Like the scene that made me fall in love with them was the first scene where Ciel just throws a fucking dart at Sebastian's head and Sebastian's like "too slow babe"


drarry asked:
Sebastian walks into the store on a particularly good day. He's fresh from a roll in the sack with Ciel. The store attendant eagerly awaits his choice of their products, all top of the line. Sebastian waves his hand vaguely at the store. "All of it." The attendant nearly faints.

he buys plastic baby silverware and gives it to ciel with his meals when they’re fighting

before something big goes down, he goes and asks for their sharpest forks and knives and the employees are so so scared