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sarah (she/they)

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A record catches Allen’s ears. Clarinet, strings… it’s the same Brahms from his mother’s bedroom. Allen walks down the darkened hallway, following the music. He reaches a door with a lit transom. He knocks, walks inside.

A mattress lies on the floor, with a phonograph. Candles light the room. A crammed bookshelf. The rest of the dorm furniture sits in a teetering pile. In the open window sits Lucien, smoking, reading the Times.


Lucien looks at him, surprised he knows. “Finally. An oasis in this wasteland.”

Fill In These Things About You

Name: sarah
Birthday: 1/23
Height: 5'3" ish
Eye color: green
Hair colour: blonde
A random fact about you: im cool
Favorite bands: lydia, the wonder years
Favorite song: idk im obsessed with the bare soundtrack rn
Favorite food: burritos
Favorite season: winter probably
Favorite animal: all of them please but dogs
Favorite movie: kill your darlings probably
Are you currently in a relationship?: mhm
Have you ever been high: yea have u met me
Who was your last kiss?: my dog :/ but also kassie
Anything you need to work on?: being a functional human
Who ended your last relationship?: uhh was mutual
Are you friends with your ex?: ye
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: taller
Dark hair or light hair?: idc
Smart or attractive?: i cant generalize what i like in people like that, i like individuals
Is creativity attractive?: yes
Do you care how much money they have?: no im 17 im not trynna be financially supported by my partner lol
Your last phone call: my dad
Your last text: mady my fav
The last thing you ate: cinnamon pecan special k :-)
The last thing you drank: water bruh
The last song you listened to: im listening to all grown up from bare
The last book you read: i dont even remember anymore
The last movie you watched: i think the bling ring?
Do you play any instruments?: no but i sing ! :)
What are your pets’ names?: my dogs r mushu and katy, and my guinea pigs are bella and cissy (after bellatrix and narcissa aww!!!)
Places you would like to visit: everywhere honestly
Your favourite colour to wear: tie dye *peace sign emoji*


Imagine James Potter and trying to adjust living with Lily after seven years with Sirius, Remus, and Peter

  • James Potter getting used to Sirius sneaking into his bed in the middle of the night when he’s drunk, so the first night he sleeps next to Lily, he wakes up groggily pushing her off the bed, muttering “don’t touch me, you wanker”. James Potter spending his first night in his Lily’s apartment on the couch.
  • James Potter preparing an extra mug of hot chocolate until Lily reminds him that he doesn’t live with Remus anymore.
  • James Potter getting multiple injuries because of trying to jump between rats and muggle rat traps Lily sets up everywhere. It takes him a while to process that the rats aren’t Peter.
  • James Potter finding hair scrunchies everywhere and getting super annoyed and Lily catches him giving them to Sirius and only then does James realize that they belong to Lily.
  • James Potter playing pranks on Lily and realizing that maybe pulling her pants down won’t have the same comedic effect as when he did it to Remus.
  • James Potter putting up Silencing Charms all over the place before having sex with Lily because he’s so used to Sirius making gagging noises nearby when they were at school.
  • James Potter not being able to sleep on full moons when he can’t be around for Remus as constantly anymore and Lily has to hold him and reassure him that Sirius has got it covered for tonight until he calms down.
  • James Potter not understanding why isn’t allowed to put up the posters Sirius gave him of the muggle girls on motorcycles. (“Lils, they’re muggle girls on motorcycles im just appreciating your culture!”)
  • James Potter not using his Invisibility Cloak as much because he just immediately assumes that Sirius and Peter stole it again to steal food from the kitchens and Lily has to remind him that they don’t live with him anymore.
  • James Potter adding dozens of chocolate bars when Lily takes him grocery shopping. (“For the last time, James, you don’t live with Remus anymore” “WELL HE CAN VISIT CAN’T HE”)
  • James Potter realizing his mistake when he sees Lily getting confused over the flea powder in their bathroom instead of her favorite shampoo after the first time he went grocery shopping on his own